Our experts can help you determine the right ownership and off-take structure, we can design, source, and negotiate commercial agreements with suppliers, all with the objective of maximizing chances for third party investment/financing. Sometimes the right structure can lead to 100% financing. Let us help you by tailoring the right commercial solution based on your business constraints to help achieve your business objectives in the best way possible.

Unless you’re in the energy business and your objective is to own energy projects – our recommendation is to pursue a third party ownership structure. This can be done in a variety of ways, but in every case there is a commercial contract that ties your business to the energy solution. Whether it is a a Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”), Energy Services/Savings Agreement (“ESA”), or even an equipment lease, these contracts all have different implications and are not all created equal. Selecting and Structuring these agreements correctly takes a deep understanding of your businesses operational requirements, risk appetite, as well as the surrounding market factors.